Atention This is where the development goes, but because we don't want to have the synchronization problems with keeping two sites up to date I will ask you to use the mailing lists available at: and the bug tracking available at: We do use the CVS, task management and download facilities offered by sourceforge.

Help Needed !

RUE is useless without sensors, so we need a lot of help from people who know something about Tomcat, Tyrex, Enhydra, JBoss, JOnAS or any Java based server that can use performance monitoring software. If you fill that you want to be involved in this project, please read the get involved page and then send me [] an email.

Development Info

project homepage:
sF project page:
mailing lists:
bug tracking:
stable release: 0.52
in development: 0.6
~ next release: still in planning
the target: The target of the next release is to improve general usability, make configuration and sensors hookup really easy plus JMX (Java Management Extension) support.
Task Id. Status Description
1834 opened GUI extension-Some primitive GUI elements should be implemented (Button, Panel, Tooltip, Label) to allow the creation of some decent configuration panels.
Maybe a decent, not very complicated, grid would also be a good idea.
18476 opened JMX support-JMX stands for Java Management Extensions (more info). When RUE was started, looks like there was no JMX (publicly available, do the project mailing list is started in september 1999) and we had to work our own data collection mechanism. The standard should be considered now JMX, and RUE has to be able to gather data provided with JMX and the package.
16804 pending Parameters to "load" data channels -Add option to add parameters to the "load" data factories also.
16241 pending XML data export/import -History data has to be exported/imported in an independent XML format
18349 pending Plugin based export/import -Should be possible to write simple plugins to make following more convenient and useful: the export/import procedure; configuration dialogs.
18350 pending Plugin mechanism for reports -Should be possible to write simple customized reports integrated with RUE.
If you would like to add or propose some features in the next release, please send an email at with the subject containing "feature-request".


Modules: Branches / Tags
  • / rue_0_5_2 : the 0.52 release (available on rue)
  • / rue_0_5_1 : the 0.51 release (available on rue)
  • / rue_tomcat_0_5_2 : the 0.52 release of the Tomcat sensors (available on rue-sensors-tomcat)

Active Developers

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